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National Valley University is more than a university. Driven by its mission to develop
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Our globally recognized, highly rated alumni network working at top Fortune 500 companies around the world.

NVU'S Scholarship Plan for 2017 Up for Grabs!

Our Scholarship is especially designed keeping in mind the financial needs of the students of different backgrounds.

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National Valley University have been educating working adults and students for more than a decade. In the present market scenario, we know that working adults have a very busy work schedule and it is often difficult for them to find time to attend classes.

We offer online programs which are affordable, flexible and accredited. Students can attend classes at any time without worrying about traffic or anything else.

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National Valley University is investing on most of its students who are seeking means to grow academically. Our degree
programs help more than a thousand students worldwide, and helped students attain a degree of their choice.

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It's your academic journey, but you won't be completing it alone. We will get to know you and what you want and you will get to know our highly qualified faculty members, coaches and student counselors.

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