School of Engineering

Engineering degree program provides you with the knowledge to successfully apply information technology theory and principles to real-world business opportunities and challenges.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is branch of engineering. Students are taught about the design of the aircraft, space craft, and satellites and so on. Students are trained to lead in the field of aerospace engineering.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering plays a critical role in the improvement of the complex system. From airlines to telecommunication companies industrial engineers provide solutions and improve the overall performance of the system.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is an exciting field and it has a very broad scope. Electrical engineering has a significant impact on the modern society. Students will learn in detail about electrons and photons, they will also be conducting research.

Mechanical Engineering

In Mechanical Engineering students will learn the concepts of Modern Physics, Dynamics, General Chemistry, and Fluid Mechanics and so on. Students will be given in detail knowledge and how to apply the knowledge in the real world.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a challenging and exciting field. Students will be involved in conducting research and generating ideas on how to create new products. Students will also focus on renewable energy, environmental protection and life sciences.

Career Prospects

National Valley University 's core competency is in education that makes graduates the first preferences for recruiters all over the world. Over gradutes are working in top notch organizations in the world.

QU offers career counseling services to its students with regards to their education, career choices and employemnt opportunites.

Our experts will match your competencies and interests to the requirements of each field of study and recommend majors that are most suited to you.

National Valley University 's Placement and Internships department regularly posts vacancies in top organizations in the world.