Let's Make Quality Higher Education
Accessible to All

We're living in a world of constant struggle. With unfavorable global financial situation, we need to work harder today than even before to make the ends meet. In such scenario, most working adults are forced to put their plans of getting a professional degree on the back burner. The reason is twofold: the cost of higher education is simply out of reach, and attending campus-based programs is simply out of question with crazy office hours.

To counter the situation, we are introducing the Literacy Chain Project, that will help you, your family and friends get National Valley's accredited professional degrees at surprisingly low cost and with no effort.

What is Literacy Chain Project?

Literacy Chain is National Valley University's global initiative that helps you reduce the cost of your chosen program up to 100% simply by referring your family and friends to us.

Similarly, your referrals will also be able to reduce the cost of their tuition by referring their family and friends to National Valley University. This way, we'll make a chain of global learners who want to pursue their educational goals but cannot due to financial and time limitations. We welcome you all to take full participation in this program and help ourselves and our loved ones in reaching their academic goals and enjoying better career prospects with unmatched ease.

How It Works

iteracy Chain works in a simple way. To participate, all you need to do is enroll in your desired program at National Valley University. After that, you refer as many family members and friends as you want who are looking forward to earning a professional degree and moving up the career ladder. If one of your referrals enrolls at National Valley University, your total program fee will be waived up to 25%. In two of your referred people enroll, your fee is reduced to 50%. The third conversion takes your tuition down to 75% and the 4th enrollment from your referrals will waive off your tuition completely! Similarly, your referred friends who enroll can also reduce their tuition by making referrals the same way.

National Valley University is renowned all over the world for its effective teaching methods, and it is internationally accredited.

Our corporate partnerships help students to gain insights and practical experience. While our partners benefit through innovative ideas delivered by our students.

Our career center goals are to provide you guidelines on how to start a succesful career and climb up the career ladder.

Our online degree programs are available in countries globally, enabling students to attend classes that are convenient and affordable.